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Airbrush Lessons

airbrush_event_hats by next level airbrush and Taff Stephens
Let Us Teach You


We offer one on one "Airbrush Lessons" to anyone wanting to learn how to airbrush. Our lessons are Tailor-made for your needs and skill level of airbrushing. We have lessons for the absolute beginner. And we offer lessons for different styles and techniques. Say for instance you're wanting to airbrush on an automotive surface. We can show you the types of paints and airbrushes that we recommend for this type of airbrushing. And you get to use this equipment within your lessons. Or maybe you're wanting to airbrush on fabrics in a production environment. We've got you covered with years of experience and knowledge. Our lessons start at 50 dollars per hour. We recommend a two hour airbrush lesson, and more than one airbrush class from us to get you started. Ph: 800.259.6080.

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