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Q: How long does it take for a project to be returned to me?
A: Most projects can be completed within one - two weeks unless it is a large project.

Q: What type of payments do you accept?

A: We accept "Venmo", "Paypal", "Cash", Cashiers Checks, and even "Personal Checks". But we do need the check to clear before we can give you a big project that we've completed for you.


Q: Why do you not have prices on the artwork that you've painted?

A: We like to speak to the client through phone,email, or text message because each project is almost always slightly different.


Q: How much time do I need to give your company in advance in order for my project to be completed on time?

A: We like for you to contact us within 2-3 weeks before you need your project because we could be really busy with projects.

Q: Does your company use water-based paints on automotive surfaces?
A: We use mostly urethane based paints on metal surfaces. Unless it is a Drag Racing Vehicle which requires water-based paints in order to meet racing guidelines. But we have recently began to use Auto Air brand, and PPG water based paints and the durability seems to be holding up very well. We have not used the water based clear coats. We always clear coat all our projects with urethane clear coat systems.

Q: Does airbrushing effect the integrity of a helmets surface?
A: Airbrushing doesn't effect the surface structure of any type item. In fact with clear coating, any surface becomes stronger because clear coat is actually liquid plastic with an activator that makes it extremely durable.

Q: How long will a airbrush t shirt design last under normal washing conditions?
A: An airbrush design should easily hold up for a couple years with minimum fading.

Q: Can an airbrushed wall mural be washed and cleaned with normal household products?
A: We normally recommend just using soap and water to clean our murals, but the surface is very durable especially when clear coat is applied.

Q: Does my airbrush design on my motorcycle need waxing to protect the surface?
A: We always recommend adding a liquid wax to the clear coat at least once a year. This removes any impurities and ads moisture back to the surface. This helps to protect the surface and ad years to the life of the paint and artwork.

Q: How do I go about getting a quote and/or scheduling time to have work done?
A: Please email a description of the item to be painted (photos always help). A brief description of artwork direction and location. Our contact form does not allow attachment images at first. So email us about your project, and after we get back to you, this will allow you to send the images for an accurate project estimate. Or give us a call at 1.800.259.6080

Q: What are the payment terms?
A: There is a 50% deposit at the time of scheduling on most projects over 100 dollars. The balance of 50% is due upon delivery or pickup. A 20% payment breakdown is acceptable for work done over $10,000.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A:Venmo, Zelle, Checks, Cashiers Checks, PayPal, and Cash.

Q: How do I get a pre-production concept rendering of my paint idea?
A: There is a $200 charge to design a rendering of a custom paint job or mural. That charge is then forwarded to the costs of the paint job. Two separate revisions/alterations are included in the deposit with any revisions/alterations thereafter being done at a additional cost to the overall job of $40 per hour. If you decide not to use Next Level Airbrush, the $200 charge is a non-refundable fee (including any additional charges accrued during revisions/alterations).

Q: Do you personally do the prep-work, bodywork, primer, base-coat, final clear coat, color sand and buff?
A:In most cases, we currently do any prep work on our projects, but we do have a professional paint and body shop that can assist in the parts for airbrush and clear coats if it is an extremely large project.


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