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Burial  Plaques

Custom Painted Designs


We do custom one of a kind painting on burial plagues.  We have a contract with a company that creates these resin based plaques for your deceased relatives and friends. They handle all the laser engraving in-house, and we are an integral part of the process. This is going to morph into another website after this year. But until then we will be adding our selections to this webpage. The ideas can be endless for these burial plaques, so feel free to email or call us about any ideas you might have for purchasing one. Its a very loving way to honor the ones that have passed away. We have the plaques in stock, and we work with you through the entire process to give you a product that is truly enduring. You can give us a call today at  PH: 1.800.259.6080 to get started on your special design.

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